Certified IFS Practitioner (Level 3)       Somatic Trauma Informed Coach       Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™


Hello, I’m Beata Szweryn, MA, BEd.
As a dedicated Certified IFS Practitioner (Level 3 trained), Somatic Trauma Informed Coach and a Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™, I am deeply committed to transformative work.

My own life path has been shaped by overcoming various challenges and seeking support. Born in Warsaw, Poland, I’ve called the Netherlands my home for over three decades.
I initially pursued an MA in linguistics and later embarked on extensive studies in interpreting, ultimately becoming a sworn court translator and interpreter. This path led me to diverse settings like courts, prisons, mental health institutions, and hospitals. Over the years, I’ve borne witness to various forms of human suffering and injustice, offering a voice to those whose language wasn’t their own through interpreting and translating. During my children’s formative years, I earned a BEd degree and taught as a primary school teacher, motivated by my experience as an expat mother striving to understand and support my children’s education.
However, a series of personal events, including the tragic loss of my father and the subsequent serious illness and passing of my mother, marked a turning point.

This journey led me to therapy, meditation, and coaching. Among the numerous approaches I explored, I found solace and healing through Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. Here, I discovered the profound impact of compassionate presence and listening for healing and growth, all in a holistic, non-pathologizing manner. This experience prompted a transformation in my profession. I became a “therapeutic listener,” acquiring certifications as a Certified IFS Practitioner (L3), (relationships) coach, mediator, and more, with over 1500 hours of training, supervision, and practice. My passion centers around guiding clients through courageous journeys toward thriving, focusing on life transitions, grief, relational trauma, partners of undiagnosed ASD, narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse (including religious contexts), self-esteem, shame, and anxiety.
My worldwide online sessions, available in English, Dutch, and Polish, cater to adults – individuals and couples alike.
Guiding you toward a fulfilling life would be my privilege. From surviving to thriving.
Are you ready to embark on this journey with me?


I am a Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner (Level 3 trained), an Intimacy From Inside Out (IFIO) Practitioner, Brainspotting Practitioner, Somatic Trauma Informed Coach, Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™, but also a Narcissistic Abuse Trauma Informed Coach, Polyvagal Theory Informed Coach, Positive Psychology Informed Coach, Family Mediator, Master Core Gift Facilitator, and I have an extensive training in Non-violent Communication (NVC) as a trainer and mediator. With my diverse range of training and expertise, I draw from various therapeutic modalities to tailor an approach that best suits your unique needs and goals.
For those who want to be sure: here’s the updated list of my trainings and certifications.