IFIO – “IFS for Couples”

Introducing ‘Intimacy from the Inside Out’ (IFIO), an experiential model born from the desire to apply IFS concepts in a relational context, using the intimate relationship as a catalyst for individual and couple growth and healing.
In the IFIO approach, each member of the couple is invited into a process that fosters self-compassion and emotional security within themselves. This newfound emotional balance enables you to stay connected with both yourself and your partner, even during times of stress or relational discord. By exploring each partner’s individual inner life, couples can envision a vibrant dance that includes effective communication, mending inevitable ruptures, accommodating the needs of both partners and the relationship, and nurturing authentic heartfelt connections.
We acknowledge that beneath all the words and demands couples exchange, there lies a deep-seated desire of being seen, heard and loved:
“Do you hear me?  Am I safe with you? Will you meet my needs?”
We also understand that childhood wounds often underlie troubled interpersonal dynamics, offering couples an opportunity for profound growth.

Is this you?

Do you engage in one-sided mental conversations, yearning for them to manifest in real life but hesitating due to fear, doubt, or weariness? Have you tried countless times, only to be met with disappointment?
Are you reluctant to express your thoughts and feelings out of fear of unfavorable reactions? Does your inability to communicate with your loved ones leave you feeling disconnected?
Are you beginning to feel estranged from yourself, as if you can no longer trust your own experiences?

Many of us grapple with the pain of disconnection because…
We don’t know how to courageously advocate for our desires and needs.
We struggle to listen without becoming defensive.

Here’s the fantastic news!
The ability to engage in safer, more loving conversations is a skill that anyone can learn and cultivate through IFIO.
This skill has the power to not only enhance your relationships with your loved ones but also to profoundly transform your relationship with the most important person of all – yourself!
Don’t hesitate, just schedule a complimentary call with me to explore how I can assist you. From surviving to thriving!