Brainspotting is an incredibly precise neurobiological tool that enables us to pinpoint, process, and release the memories of distressing experiences that often remain beyond the reach of our consciousness.

Brainspotting is a therapeutic approach that leverages precise eye positioning, somatic awareness, focused mindfulness, and the therapist’s deep attunement to process and release traumatic memories. Through the Brainspotting process and the brain’s innate capacity for self-healing, a state of psycho-physiological balance is restored. When a ‘brainspot’ is activated, the deep brain signals that we have identified a neural network linked to an unprocessed trauma. Often, what was initially associated with the activation and distressing experience of a brainspot evolves into a valuable resource, fostering psychological flexibility and resilience.

Who Can Benefit?

The body tirelessly maintains the system’s homeostasis. Traumatic experiences weaken the nervous system’s flexibility and the body’s ability to self-regulate. Through targeted and direct work on the client’s active nervous system and physiology, Brainspotting enables precise and comprehensive trauma processing, restoring lost homeostasis to the system. As a result of this process, clients experience both rapid relief and profound insight.

Brainspotting can also be applied to broader personal development, aiding in overcoming internal barriers to achieving goals or self-fulfillment. It is employed to enhance the potential, creativity, and performance of artists, athletes, leaders, and public speakers.